Use discount code: PCOS10 for 10% off first order!
Use discount code: PCOS10 for 10% off first order!
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Get Pregnant with PCOS Bundle (a 2 month supply!)
The Women's Dietitian

Get Pregnant with PCOS Bundle (a 2 month supply!)

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The ultimate fertility + TTC bundle! A two month supply! Everything you need to support your hormones and turn down the volume knob on PCOS symptoms while trying to get pregnant.

The VITA-PCOS Get Pregnant with PCOS Bundle contains four of my most successful supplements for PCOS and fertility:

  • Prenatal: the essential vitamins and minerals you need to decrease your PCOS symptoms and support a growing baby, healthy pregnancy, and successful breastfeeding journey (2 included)
  • Cortisol Calmer: the stress and infertility connection is REAL. This blend is specifically formulated to lower stress and anxiety, banish mood swings, reduce irritability and increase resiliency, and give you the best sleep of your life
  • Androgen Blocker: elevated testosterone can cause us to not ovulate, which is essential for conception. It can also cause facial/body hair, hair loss on the head, weight gain, and acne. Conquer these symptoms and get OVULATING with this supplement (2 included)
  • Magnesium Citrate: one of my all-time favorite hormone-balancing minerals. This form of magnesium promotes more stable moods, improved digestion for healthier estrogen levels, and less PMS


Don't let your PCOS hold you back from bringing home the baby of your dreams.


*Prenatal and Magnesium are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding
*Androgen Blocker and Cortisol Calmer while safe for TTC, should be stopped and saved until baby comes! If you're breastfeeding, these can be resumed after baby weans!